About GuoQing
About GuoQing

01: Our smart locks are composed of precision machinery and electronic chips. In daily use, please always keep them away from corrosive substances or use in high temperature and high humidity environments.
02: After the door is unlocked, please do not pop up the main bolt or open the inner fuse, so as to avoid damage to the door frame or lock body due to external collisions.
03: The fingerprint collector should avoid scratching of hard objects (including nails) in daily use. After using for a long time, if there is dirt and oil residue on the surface of the collection panel, please wipe it gently with a dry soft cloth.
04: Please do not hang heavy objects on the door handle, otherwise it will affect the lock structure and cause the flexibility of opening the door to decrease.
05: If the lock body does not rotate flexibly or cannot return correctly, please contact your local distributor to add mechanical lubricant to the lock body.
06: When the battery is low and the Low Voltage Alarm is enabled, please replace with a new battery immediately and pay attention to the positive and negative poles, so as to avoid the situation that the system cannot wake up.
07: Please keep the key properly. It is recommended to put it in your office, family car, etc. It can be used to open the door in an emergency.
08: Please don’t put the unlock card together with the mobile phone daily, preventing the internal chip from being radiated by the mobile phone, which will affect the accuracy of card reading.

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